Free to Play & Play to Earn NFT blockchain game of exploration, territorial conquest, domination, and many more.

Crypto Space War is the space-oriented multiplayer online universe. In near future, multiple galactic factions emerged, in the ongoing struggle for resources and territories. Players can join various factions and change the future. Everything in-game will be player-owned including some of the planets, stations, and various ships. Players can directly influence the course of the the universe and earn real-world cryptocurrency by contributing to in-game activities.


Travel anywhere in the universe. All visible stars can be navigated and explored. Find unique resources and items in form of NFT.


All ships, stations, and planets can be assembled with weapons and shields for attack and defense.

Station Construction

Create new or upgrade your stations and enhance it with custom modules and unlock new tiers and capabilities.


Players will earn CSWD (Crypto Space War Dollar) which can be transferred out or used for in-game market and staking as well as upgrading.


Choose your station, planet, and ships to suit your gameplay. Professions vary greatly from Pirate to Guardian and much more.


The Universe is separated into sectors in which some of them are safe and protected and in some, you can freely do whatever you want.

Alliances & Corporations

Factions allow players to compete collectively and manage their micro-economy. Alliances can group multiple corporations.


The marketplace connects all players and is the hub for buying & selling all in-game items.

True assets ownership

The Crypto Space War offers a unique gaming experience by combining blockchain mechanics with normal game mechanics. All assets are directly owned by players and can be traded on the marketplace or exchanged on other cryptocurrency networks. Earn cryptocurrency (CSW, CSWD) by playing our game.

True cryptocurrency assets


  • Q3 - 2021 Project Initialization

    • Web Creation, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram - (Completed)
    • Initial Unity Prototype - (Completed)
    • Token Smart Contract (CSW/CSWD) - (Completed) Smart Contracts
    • BEP721 contracts for Ships, Equipments, Stations, Station Modules, Planets, Planetary Deployments - (Completed) Smart Contracts
  • Q4 - 2021

  • Q1 - 2022

    • NFT Packages Offering - (In Progress)
    • Package Sale
    • Basic NFT Marketplace - (In Development)
    • CSW Stacking - (In Development)
    • Private Beta Launch
    • Private Sale
  • Q2 - 2022

    • Public Beta Launch
    • Public Coin Sale in Launchpad
    • Android & IOS Support
    • PVP Session 1 Beta Testing
    • Polishing core product
  • Q3 - 2022

    • Improvements
    • New game modes suggestion by community

Team Members

Bringing power to the people by creating an universe with next-gen technologies.

Portrait of Matej Lobb
Matej Lobb

Founder & Software Developer

Portrait of Jakub Ivanič
Jakub Ivanic

Unity Software Developer

Portrait of Anna Šikulová
Anna Sikulova

HR Manager

Portrait of Martina Cimermanová
Martina Cimermanova

Social Media Manager